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New School Year, New ASB Officers

Zoe Watts and Racquel Crook, Reporter

April 30, 2019

ASB is one of our fun and impactful electives here on campus. In part, because the students themselves help choose spirit days and other fun activities around school. Every year a new set of leaders comes in. This year the ASB president was Melia Arboit (Gr. 8), who describes ASB as “super-fun.” She rea...

Help Isn’t A Four-Letter Word!

Sofia Garruto, Reporter

April 30, 2019

Math Tutoring is a program that is funded by the PTSA, and it's a wonderful way to catch up on math. Mr. Burns is one of our talented math teachers who helps out. "Math Tutoring is every week from right after school, 2:10 to 3:10 unless there's a holiday." Math tutoring can be helpful, and it's very...

Invasion of the Robots!

Austin Jew, Reporter

April 24, 2019

Robotics is an after-school program which can teach many valuable skills. Here is Theo Nakfoor Robotics Coach to name some of them. “Teamwork because you have to work as a team to figure out how to solve the problems on the field. Public speaking since you have to present to judges in order to get...

ASB Brunch Challenge 9/11 Style

Students prepare for their first Brunch competition of the year.

Nikki Duchene, Reporter

November 24, 2018

This year ASB is going to do many activities to make this campus a better place. To start off the year, they had their first brunch challenge on 9/11. ASB President Melia Arboit (Gr. 8) explains, “In honor of 9/11, they wore fire hats (with cups on top) and they had to get two ping-pong balls in t...

Time to Step It Up

Students get involved in order to win prizes in the Step It Up assembly.

Megan Shetty and Annie Provo

November 24, 2018

Greg Hanson and the Step It Up fundraiser was a new fundraising event this year. “I Think is is fun to see kids be in their element and do super-fun stuff.They not only do a fundraiser, but they get to have an amazing fun day with a super party celebration at the end of the event.” Greg was very ent...

Let’s Crank Up the Heat

6th grade students research thermal energy to solve real-world problems.

Lukas Hadjis, Reporter

November 24, 2018

In 6th grade science, students were trying to put their understanding of thermal energy into solving real-world problems. Some students were trying to make thermal grills to make cookies from the heat of the sun. Others like Stephanie Ramos (Gr. 6) were in the ice carving group. “We’re basically mak...

What’s Your Identity?

6th Grade students work on creating their identity masks.

Kiera Irving and CarlyRae Jones

November 24, 2018

Coming into middle school, 6th graders can find it challenging with all the new people and all the new names. So the mask project was a very unique way to get to know each other. Students also got to express their creativity through their decorations and color. Danica Igarta (Gr. 6) saw the bigger p...

Let’s Hear It for The Colonies!

8th grade students present and promote their colonies to the campus.

Rio Fuentes, Reporter

November 24, 2018

In October, the 8th grade social studies classes, got a chance to experience colonial life. The colonial fair is an annual event that really brings history to life. Camden Phillips (Gr. 8) enjoyed the process. “Yes, it was really fun getting to learn about all the colonies.” Students worked to create indiv...

Teeing It Up

AOMS Golfers warm up on the driving range.

Aidan Drury and Camden Phillips

November 20, 2018

There are many students at AOMS who enjoy playing on the golf team like Colin Roselle (Gr. 8). “I enjoy playing with my friends and taking easy dubs.” Along with the friendships, Kyler Phillips (Gr.8) enjoys the the physical benefits.“It’s fun and it gives me a good source of reflexes.” For...

The Great Outdoors

Students relax in the play area between activities.

Annalisa Conca, Reporter

November 20, 2018

As kids were walking to school, getting ready to leave to 6th grade camp, many were excited for the adventures to come. Zach Jones (Gr. 6) was “excited for the rock-climbing wall.” Stella Roller (Gr. 6) was looking forward to “staying in the cabins and hanging out with my friends.” Ethan Linds...

Support for Success – Back-to-School Night

Teachers, parents and students come back to the campus to meet each other and kick off a new school year.

Nikki Duchene and CarlyRae Jones

October 7, 2018

Many parents enjoy coming to Back-to-School Night because they are able to personally meet their kids teachers and learn more about their classes. "I like meeting all the parents at Back to School Night."(Mrs. Frazee, Gr. 6 Science/Math Teacher) Teachers are also able to inform the parents about all...

Off to a Great Start

Students head to class as the first bell of the school year begins to ring.

Owen Loughery, Reporter

October 2, 2018

As the sun started to rise on the first day of school, everyone was full of excitement. The students were bummed to end summer but were happy to see their friends, especially Ellie Sied (Gr. 6).  "I miss summer, but I’m really happy to see all my friends again and start up school work." With schedules...

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