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February 7, 2020

Mrs. Marshall's English class put on a book fair from their independent reading books. Kyle Jakubowski (Gr. 6) saw the benefits of the project. "I think the book fair is a good idea... It gets people into reading more. " Chanse Smothers (Gr. 6) liked the recommendations from others.  "It helps kids learn about how good the books are." Brady King (Gr. 6) liked the creativity. "It's very interesting...

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Science Showcase

Jacob Crocker, Reporter | January 31, 2020

Science Olympiad is a science competition that many students on campus enjoy. Some students participate in science olympiad because they wanted to learn more about science and hang out with their friends. Others like collaborating and being able to learn through trial and error. It is a nation-wide competition in three categories. There are building classes, quiz classes and hybrid classes. Students...

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Time for An Assist!

Ashleigh Benson, Reporter | January 23, 2020

During the fall, the girls Varsity Volleyball team had a fun match-up against some of our AOM faculty. The teachers loved playing against the students, and they were all very competitive. However, both sides, including Ms. Holena, felt the students deserved to win. “They deserved it. They worked really hard.” Everyone loved the game, and Ms. Holena talked about wanting to have this be the start...

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Shining Their Light

Dannika Witt, Producer | January 22, 2020

In 8th grade science, students like Haven Speer (Gr. 8) took the study of electricity to a whole new level. "We made this circuit board and we used copper tape to show how the electrons travel and then we put a battery here and this is the switch."  When energy flows through the copper the light bulb lights up creating a fun card.  Anya Obradovic (Gr. 8) enjoyed creating the various cards and learning...

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Counting on Success

Demetrios Dresios, Reporter | January 22, 2020

The math olympiad club, or Mathletes, is a club where students can improve their math skills in order to compete with other schools. As mathlete Aryan Mudliar (Gr. 6) puts it,  "I get to learn a lot of cool tricks and do a lot of fun things such as math puzzles." Many students participate in Mathletes all year long. During the second week of 2020, they had a competition. Aryan feels he has found the...

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Opening New Doors

Paige Maruca, Reporter | January 11, 2020

Mrs. Moresch has been introducing STEM projects to the 6th grade wheel elective this year. In this new elective experience, students explore various aspects of science and technology including engineering projects and even apps on their phones. They learn how to bring their creations to life with an app called Quiver that is based on STEM. Cole Evans (Gr 6) explains,“We downloaded this app called...

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Making New Moves

Racquel Crook, Producer | December 11, 2019

ASB put together the first school party of the year. The theme for this party was “Spooky Season.” Kayla Moul (Gr. 7), the ASB president, had fun setting up the party. “Working is actually like really fun, being part of ASB, letting people in, directing people.” Much preparation is needed from ASB students, including Maddie Walker (Gr. 7), the ASB Vice President. “It is a spooky season theme...

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Finding Their First Pitch

Yalda Shamsaeifar, Producer | December 2, 2019

Our AOMS Band had their first concert of the year this month. It is called the STOP concert which stands for “Salute To Our Parents.” It was a chance for beginning, intermediate and advanced students to let their parents know how much they appreciate the support they give in order for them to take on the challenge of learning a musical instrument. Rosslyn Farnan (Gr. 8) was impressed by the beginning...

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Connecting the Dots

Dannika Witt, Producer | December 2, 2019

On October 10th, the 8th graders all met in the gym to show off the inventions that they had created. Clara Devlin (Gr. 8) explains, “In science, we're working on an innovation project where we design our own machine that will help worldwide problems." This project was assigned in both their English and science class where they created an invention, then designed an infographic, and some, even made...

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Hitting All the Right Notes

Lukas Hadjis, Production Assistant | November 15, 2019

Last week our music programs had their first concerts of the season and orchestra was ready for the show. Ezra McLaen (Gr. 6) explained,“This is called the stop concert, which means, ‘Solute to Parents.’ ” There was a wide variety of selections to be performed. Vassilios Dresios ( Gr. 7) described his line-up.  “The songs that intermediate orchestra are playing for this concert are 'Toccatina',...

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