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Just One Little Word

Jacob Dougherty, Production Manager | October 27, 2019

At the beginning of October, the counseling department put on a special event called, “Hello Week”, which was put on throughout the nation by the “Sandy Hook Promise.” The first day of the week was sticky note day. All around school, sticky notes with positive messages were put up. Tuesday was the “Start with Hello Assembly” for 6th graders. They learned how to connect and make new friends...

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Stepping It Up

Scarlet Walker and Chloe Noto | October 16, 2019

Our school is doing a fundraiser called step it up. Kate Gonsalves (Gr. 7) participated in the Step It up Fundraiser, and was very successful. “I raised 400 dollars for the step it up fundraiser the prizes I am getting are the  chill pillow and banana phone." The fundraiser brought in a lot of money for the year, and many students, like Kate, are looking forward to an awesome final event. " I am...

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Sign on the Line

Kiera Irving, Assistant Producer | October 15, 2019

In September, down in the quad, our amazing ASB hosted Club Rush. Brighton Wiens (Gr.7) explains. "Club Rush is where all the people that want to start a club, down at the quad, there's a poster, and you can sign up for the clubs." Before this event happened, club leaders created their clubs. But, club rush is a good way to tell everyone about the clubs on campus, as Iris Profancik (Gr.7) explains. ...

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Give Them A Hand!

Rio Fuentes, Reporter | October 15, 2019

When the 6th graders came back from camp, we had the WEB leaders welcoming them back. WEB leaders enjoy what they do, and like to help kids transition into middle school. Sophia Wang(Gr. 8), explains,”So WEB stands for,’Where Everybody Belongs’ and it mostly helps 6th graders since they turned from elementary school to middle school.” WEB leaders, like Selina Lee (Gr. 8), have many different...

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Making a Statement, or Not?

Sanead Estrada, Reporter | October 14, 2019

University Tuesday is the spirit day of the week when students get to wear their favorite college wear. Wearing university spirit wear motivates students about working hard to get into college. This day encourages all students are to wear their college spirit wear and spread the word about getting to college. Ms. Hall is a big advocate for this spirit day. “University Tuesday is a district-wide spirit...

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Serving Up A Sweet Invitation

Chloe Noto, Assistant Producer | October 13, 2019

On September 12th, WEB leaders held their annual ice cream social for students new to Carlsbad. Romie Coffler  (Gr.8) explains the purpose of the event. “Well basically, we had a thing where we had it at brunch and advisory. And we had some ice cream, and we just invited some new 7th and 8th graders, and some new 6th graders Ice Cream Social to come and meet some new people and talk to them.”...

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Making Tracks

Dannika Witt, Producer | October 9, 2019

Just after the school year got underway, our sixth graders had the opportunity to go to Camp Marston for a week. While at camp, they got to rock climb, make candles, learn about nature, canoe, try their hand at archery, and lots of other fun activities. For  Andi Felix (Gr. 6), it was the activities. “I liked canoeing and making little fort things.” Students like Brodi Good (Gr. 6), made lots...

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First Impressions

Austin Jew, Assistant Producer | October 7, 2019

Many students had different opinions about school after their first week. For Ethan Atkins (Gr. 7) , it was great. ”If I could describe school in on word, it would be awesome!” On the other hand, for Jade Haggerty (Gr. 7), it was, ”exhausting.” And Sarah Brownlee (Gr. 7) also thought it was ”stressful.” But then again, Riley Segal (Gr. 7) described it as ”cool!” Although some students...

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Charting A New Course

Kiera Irving, Reporter | October 3, 2019

As the new school year starts, we also have new ASB officers. Each one of them chose their positions for certain reasons. Kayla Moul (Gr. 7), ASB President, is in to making things happen. “I wanted to be in charge and make some fun changes for the school.”  Riley Park (Gr. 7), ASB Vice President, likes her supportive role.“I chose it because want to help out the president with the meetings and...

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Familiar Faces

Lukas Hadjis, Reporter | October 2, 2019

This year at AOMS, we have many new teachers and staff. One of those new teachers is Mrs. Devich. “This year I am teaching 6th and 7th grade social studies.” Mrs. Devich has been teaching since the mid-nineties, which means she has been to a few schools in her career. Some of our students have been lucky enough to have had her before, in a previous class. “Before coming to AOMS, I was a fifth...

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