Falcon News

  • January 151/23 End of Semester Color Day
  • January 151/15 Science Night (6-7:30)
  • January 14Wednesday 1/22 - 7th Grade extended brunch activity during brunch and advisory.


Professional Production Environment

Aviara Oaks Middle School Productions is a student-run publication project-based classroom designed to empower students to explore the field of media storytelling. Students are exposed to a variety of opportunities to develop both fictional and non-fiction original works for public consumption online and in published, hard-copy format.

Continual Campus Coverage




Students work in production teams to deliver professional-level products in the form of online articles, daily news shows, short features, public service announcement, short films and the school yearbook.

Yearbook Production

The authentic environment of a production classroom allows team members to feel the true impact of their creative potential which will stay with them long after the experience of this class has come and gone. 

Award Winning Program

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