A Season of Disasters

Brent Predmore, Producer

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This fall, our country was hit by three huge hurricane disasters. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria did lots of damage to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Many AOM students knew of friends and family who were affected. Camdyn Phillips (Gr. 7) shared his experience. “My mom’s friend who lived in Florida, her mom had Alzheimer’s disease and was in a day bed. So she couldn’t let her sit there. So they waited it out.”  Many people in all three areas have lost everything. The costs of damage caused by these hurricanes is estimated to be a total of 200-300 billion dollars. Luckily, the hurricanes are over, and many people are helping out to bring back the damaged buildings, and houses. Luke Mclellan (Gr.8) has some family friends who moved to Houston just a couple of years ago. “Now they are going to have to sell their house and get a new one that is preferably farther away. They know that in a few years there is going to be another hurricane there.” In the end, hurricanes are natural disasters that will occur many different times, and we just have to be ready for them. When the whole country pitches in to help, we can get through anything.

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A Season of Disasters