WEB Orientation – An Honored Tradition

Juliana Renert, Reporter

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At the beginning of the year, 6th graders are new to the school. WEB orientation is put on the day before school, and meant to introduce 6th graders to their new school. Talan Dunn (8th grade) takes her position as a WEB leader seriously. “We teach them a lot of strategies and also help them find their way in the school so it really helps them feel more comfortable with Aviara Oaks.” Grant Brooker (6th grade) is appreciative of the WEB leaders, “It’s a little nerve racking. But once you like, see a WEB leader, they help you so much.” Jack Sample (6th grade) agrees, “Their nice, and their fun.” Evan Ricklefs (6th grade) felt like the help was worth it. “They just showed me around, and they made me feel comfortable.” The students participate in interactive games, in groups of 5 or 6, to try and meet new friends. Brooks Bachman (6th grade) is ready to expand her circle of friends in middle school. “There’s going to be a lot of kids that I haven’t gone to school with for, like, ever and I’m going to able to meet them.”  Zach Metzger (8th grade) understands the importance of the whole process. “WEB just helps 6th graders feel comfortable in middle school and kind of just guides them through the whole year.” Matthew Idris (6th grade) sees orientation as a way to make the beginning of school a lot easier. “ Oh, it’s cool how we got to see the classes, the science class, and I think it’s really nice because you get to meet people, and you also get to tour the campus, so you know where you’re going for tomorrow.”

Three years ago, WEB was created to help our 6th graders get acclimated to our campus. Those 6th graders, are now the WEB leaders. Talan Dunn (8th grade) is dedicated to passing that experience on. “ I chose to be a WEB leader so I could help the 6th graders and make their experience in middle school better, and also to make sure they have a lot of fun.” WEB is a great tradition that is being passed on, even today. Even Ricklefs (6th grade) is already thinking about the future. “I would like to help other kids do the same thing.” Daniel Valencia (6th grade) is thinking along the same lines. “ I loved it because it helps a lot, so I want to do the same for the other kids.”

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WEB Orientation – An Honored Tradition