A New Coach in Town

Yalda Shamsaeifar, Reporter

Mr. Trager is a new P.E teacher at our school who loves working outdoors and with the kids. Mr. Tragers original plan wasn’t teaching P.E, but it turned out for the best. “Well I first got my business degree in college and I was stuck indoors all day so I went back to school to get my physical education degree so I could be outside with kids doing fun activities.” Mr. Trager also has lots of experience teaching P.E in different schools and coaching different sports. “I have been working at Valley Middle School for nine to ten years, and it was only part-time. So a full time position opened at Aviara, and I decided to come to Aviara.” Mr. Trager wants the most for his students and to teach them many things, “fun activities sports that they could probably use for a lifetime and teach them how to be physically fit for a lifetime.” Mr. Trager has a lot to offer to the students, and we are very excited to have him on campus this year.