Movie Night!

Movie Night!

Camille Ambrogelly, Reporter

This December, the student leadership organization called WEB put together an annual movie night for 6th graders.“We organized this event to just make the 6th graders feel at home here, and to just also like to bring them together and start a community” (Laura Snow, Gr.8).


WEB, Where Everybody Belongs, has been very helpful to 6th graders these past couple years.

“In 2015, we brought the WEB program to our school, and at that time we were looking for an opportunity to give 8th graders leadership opportunities, and at the same time welcome 6th graders anticipate their needs” (Mrs. Hauck-Wood, WEB Advisor).


The 6th graders that attended this movie night seemed to have had a great time and really got into the holiday spirit. Because of COVID, our WEB leaders this year did not have the chance to have the guidance of an 8th grader when they were in 6th grade. But thanks to all their hard work, every 6th grader on campus has access to support of many kinds from WEB.