A Week to Remember!


At the end of October, ASB hosted our annual Red Ribbon Week celebration. Each day of the week was a different spirit wear day dedicated to a message about living healthy lifestyles and making wise choices. Monday  was “Dream big and be drug free.” Pj or comfy day. We dressed comfy, “I’m wearing Carlsbad Pajama pants.” (Mikayla Redding, Gr. 6) to support the idea of dreaming big and being Drug free. Each day was geared to highlight different challenges. “I’m looking forward to Pink Day to support breast cancer because I love pink, and it just helps the community.” (Camille Richards, Gr. 6) All in all, each day had something fun, “I’m wearing Pajama pants.” (Lucy Karlin, Gr. 6) while sending a positive message. “They’re the best.”(Lucy Karlin, Gr. 6)

Tuesday was, “Show your smarts or join the team to be drug free!” dressing as a math-elete or an athlete. Many people were in the team spirit, “I’m wearing a Boston Celtics shirt.” (Lucas Feehrer, Gr. 6) as well as looking forward to the rest of the week.“I was excited that I got to wear my pajamas, and I’m excited that I’m wearing this.” (Lucas) “Wednesday is pink day, and I have pink eye black, and I’m ready! And then Thursday is Celebrity Day, and I’m looking up to my idol, Spongebob.” (Richie Villalobos, Gr. 7)

Wednesday was our celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the best part of all? “Probably getting to wear fun outfits!” (Harlee Palmer, Gr. 6). “This shirt from my sister’s closet and these pink gloves I got from someone!”  (Brayden Salas, Gr. 6) Everyone had their favorites. “Today! Pink Day!” (Harlee) “I’m excited for tomorrow. Character and Celebrity Day is always fun.” (Emmet Conkey, Gr. 6)

Thursday was “Be a role model!” dressing as our favorite character or celebrity. Some students had purpose behind their costume. “A Firefighter!” (Sammy Kelsall,  Gr.7). “So nobody can find me!” (Giovanni Zapata, Gr. 6) There were many people to admire, “I thought Will Myers was a celebrity.“ (Reece Laplante, Gr.6), “Manny Machado!” (Jackson Merkel, Gr. 6) from athletes to artists. “We’ve got some paints here today.” (Pressley Boes, Gr. 6) ”Bob Ross!” (Lily Prisco, Gr. 6) It was also the day we got to vote on advisory pumpkins. Overall, Thursday was a great day.

Friday was our day to pledge to lead a safe life by wearing construction worker attire or neon. ASB did such a great job on this year’s Red Ribbon Week. “Red Ribbon Week is a week where we can bring awareness to drugs and alcohol just so we can kind of prevent anyone from getting associated with anything bad like that. And we dress up, just to kind of make it fun.” (Elle Robinson, Gr. 8) “It’s our spirit week for celebrating a drug free life.” (Jade Ukegawa, Gr. 8) “I wanted to dress up to promote participation in spirit week so that we can promote being drug-free and alcohol-free.” (Kaiya Rubio, Gr. 8) It was a great way to bring in the holiday season by celebrating with inspirational messages and our playful side at the same time.