The Orchestra Tradition Continues!

Harlee Palmer


Lauren Zinn, Mila Malvey, and Arya Kosarkar

Orchestra students enjoy their elective for many reasons, and their director, Ms. Hall is a great example of that passion. “I’ve played violin since I was in 2nd grade, I grew up in Carlsbad and I’ve always loved playing in orchestra.” (Ms. Hall, orchestra teacher) Some of the students have become hooked over time, “I’ve been doing it for  a few years now, and I really love playing an instrument.” (Maliha Gibson, Gr. 6) For others, it’s a family tradition, “My older cousins did it and like they were really good at it so I chose to do it too.” (Owen Barker, Gr. 6) The first orchestra concert of the year was on October 21.

For some, this was their first performance. “I think the beginning orchestra did pretty well considering.We’ve only been playing for about two months.” (Allie Ganotis Owen, Gr. 6) But, even beginners are looking for ways to improve. “I feel like beginning could have done a bit better.” (Owen)

Overall, it was a great success. “The concert night was very nice, the beginning students were really nice and the same with the advanced students.” (Avish Tomar, Gr. 6)

 “All the other classes did amazing.” (Allie Ganotis Owen, Gr. 6)