AOMS Drama – Playing Well with Others!


Luke Miller, Reporter

On October 8th, the CUSD Drama teachers put on the Carlsbad Theater Festival on Carlsbad High School’s campus. It was where student performers gain feedback from industry professionals and competed against schools to win awards. “I won the Bright Spot Award for monologues. It was pretty exhilarating.” (Isabella Podesta, Gr. 8) “I won the Bright Spot for Musical.” (Mia Raudaskoski, Gr. 8)  Mia won this award for her character Violet in the Willy Wonka scene. Stella Walker also won a Bright Spot Award for her character in The Crucible scene. 

“I won the group award for The Greater Tuna- Comedy scene.” (Makena Cardenas, Gr. 8) Other students who participated in that scene were Tanner Brunton, Kelsey Evans, Jordan Demeuse, Ryder Coe and Cole Battin.

Our AOMS students were there performing their scenes alongside a total of 100 student performers. “It was really fun, but it was also really stressful!” (Mia) “It was fun to meet other groups. It was a really good learning experience.” (Makenna)