Band Steps Onto the Stage


Lucas Feehrer and Kevin Wang

On October 20, our AOMS band put on their Fall Festival Concert. Students join band for many reasons. “I’ve always loved music.”(Ethan Kalberg, Gr. 6) Some know that is what they want to do at an early age. Others, like Ethan, decide at the last minute. “I just kind of came.”(Ethan) Mrs. Brown was very pleased with their first performance. “The beginners have only been playing a few weeks. So the fact that they play the same thing at the same time is already a challenge. So they did a great job! It sounded like a real song.”

Choosing what instrument to play really depends on the person. “I play the trumpet.”(Ethan) For some it is how it looks, and  for others it is how it sounds. It makes this really high brass sound, and I really like that.” (Ethan) Mrs. Browne was proud of each band as they demonstrated the progress they have been making from year to year. “Intermediate Band, the concert band, did really well with their songs. And the Wind Ensemble did a good job watching. They really set the bar high for where the bands are going.”

Overall, it was a great night for the audience and the performers for one main reason. “I think it’s the sound!” (Ethan)