Time to Represent!


Hope Simpson and Ashley Jew

Every year, Carlsbad High School hosts a parade for homecoming. It’s when all the schools in the Carlsbad unified school district get together and show off their school spirit in a parade! “This is Lancer day parade where all the schools in Carlsbad unified come out to support Carlsbad lancers.” (Mrs. Barry) “I think that we definitely had a lot of energy, and yeah it was a lot of fun.” (Marley Patten, Gr. 7)   The people in ASB were the ones who were representing Aviara Oaks Middle, and I think they all had a blast at the parade! “Yeah I think that it was a lot of fun!” (Marley Patten, Gr. 7)  “That was so fun!” (Amanda Aldover, Gr. 7) Everyone can agree that AOMS is the best school ever! “AOM AOM!” (Mrs. Barry) “Wooooo!” (Katie Kingsley, Gr. 7) “Yay falcons!” (Kennedy Gr. 7) “AOMS!” ( Marseille Varella, Gr. 8)