Following Our Footsteps


Ashley Jew, Reporter

After a long summer of fun, parents are so excited that their kids are going back to school. “It’s really great to be able to be on campus again after a couple of years since we were able to do these back-to-school nights so it’s really nice to be able to see where it all happens, where you guys are learning and your classes.” (Natalie Emmons, parent) “This is back-to-school night where parents come and listen to teachers present about what’s gonna happen during the school year.” “They basically came here to do our schedules.” 

There were problems, but back to school night turned out amazing. “Well if the bells work, which they aren’t tonight they get a bell just like the students get a bell and they have to walk every step of your way from class to class.” (Mrs. Flowers) “You know we haven’t had an in person back to school in over two years… so this is awesome.” 

The ASB team was on top of it all and was there to help when needed.“ It’s pretty organized. I know the school but not the classrooms. The ASB has been really helpful.” (Natalie Emmons)

“There are ASB people to help you, if you need help.”