A Showcase of Shining Stars


Isabella Gerencher, Reporter

Recently, Drama had their Fall Drama Showcase, their first show of this year.  For most of the students, this was their first time performing on a stage.“I get to perform with my friends and make a lot of charity money for our musical.” (Hadleigh Rose Hagerty, Gr. 8)

The students also got to have a say in what they performed. “Drama 1 and Drama 2 breaks up into groups and they choose a scene and make a cutting and they perform it in front of everyone.” (Emma Park, Gr. 8)

But the experience was not without challenges. “Before we went on stage, I was worried that I was probably going to forget my lines.” (Kiana Smith, Gr. 7) “I start off as Willy Wonka, and I have to slide in… It’s going to be quirky!” (Logan Loerzel, Gr. 8) 

Overall, the Drama Showcase was a blast for everyone, and a great opportunity for the new, up and coming drama students as well.