Finding Connections on Campus


Sienna Riecke, Reporter

ASB just had their annual club rush. Some teachers have passions they want to share. “I am running the gaming club this year, we meet every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30 and you have a choice you can play some regular board games and card games or if you’re up for a challenge we have a dungeons and dragons group.” (Mr. Maggi – Social Studies Teacher)

Some Clubs are more focused on subject matter. “Science olympiad is like learning about many science things and different categories which you can join.” – Unnamed Student

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air.“It’s all about geography and just learning about it.” (Sunil Muson, Gr. 7) Going deeper into subjects.“Learning about where different countries are, it’s like maps and history.” (Sunil Muson and Max Carr, Gr. 7)

There were many different ways to get involved. “It’s arts and crafts club. So we draw and sketch and hang out with friends” (Michaela Oettinger, Gr. 7) Joining a club on campus is a great way to get connected here at AOMS. “Well we like it in general and thought it would be fun to hang out with other people and friends” (Itzel Salazar, Gr. 7)