A Familiar Face is Back on Campus!


Gavin Schock, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again Falcons! Step It Up is back to have another great year here at AOMS. In fact, this is the first time in 3 years that Step It Up has had an in-person assembly here. Greg aka G-money is the founder of Step It Up. “Well I started Step It Up because I always wanted to do public speaking, and I always wanted to be around kids, and we just thought there was a better way to raise money.” Greg (Founder of Step It Up)

Not only does Greg have an inspirational reason to start Step It Up he also has a great goal that he hopes to reach. “The goal is to try to mix fundraising, and fun. So that it is not some boring thing where we have to take orders and other stuff but actually make these awesome events where kids get to have fun, and then, they get to come back and have a really amazing time in the school and get out of some class and get back to being kids.” Greg (Founder of Step It Up)

As can be seen, Step It Up was clearly birthed from a passion to help people, but how much have they really done for our school? 

“Step It Up has helped fundraise after-school events such as Kona Ice Parties, and has helped fund money for AOMS clubs and electives.” (Logan Hoyle, Gr.7).

This is Gavin Schock reporting for Falcon News.