6th Grade Camp – An Honored Tradition


Leah Mennie, Reporter

The 6th Graders have just gone to camp again. There were a lot of mixed emotions before they left. “I’m excited and nervous.” (Madison Kelly, Gr.6) “I’m excited to meet new people.” 


When they were at camp, they got to do many fun activities, and meet new friends was a big part of the experience.

“We were building a fort for shelter.” (Camila Richers, Gr. 6) “My favorite part about camp is probably bonding with everyone and getting to know each other.”  It was a great learning experience. “After he scored us we realized all the things we could have done instead.”

When they were coming home, WEB was there to give them a nice welcome back on campus. It looks like they had a great time. This is Leah reporting for Falcon News.