First Brunch Activity


Bradley Weis, Reporter

At AOMS, having a fun school experience is important. That’s why there’s an amazing ASB team that puts together events almost every week.“So this is our brunch activities were doing musical chairs this week for say hello week” (Jade Ukegawa, Gr. 8) “We all think it’s a really fun activity and we just want to bring everyone together” (Alessandra Lupo, Gr. 8)

Meeting new people is an important part of school life that’s why there is Say Hello Week. “Say Hello Week is something the counselors made to meet new people.” (Jade Ukegawa) Even if you don’t get to play in the brunch games, “It’s really fun, even just watching it’s really cool” (Alessandra Lupo)

Although this was only the first brunch activity, if you didn’t get to participate, don’t worry.

“We do brunch activities throughout the whole year and we’ll have a couple socials as well.” (Jade Ukegawa)