A Spelling Bee for the Record Books


Sienna Rieck and Shae Aubertin

The spelling bee was a neerveracking and stressful  event that was held after school on February 10th. “I’m really excited.” (Kennedy Krumrei, Gr. 7) Several of our English teachers were the judges, and it was conducted in a very formal way.

Even though it was a serious competition, if you didn’t make it through the round, you still got a certificate. It was so close, there were 17 rounds. “There were some very good competitors out there.” (Kennedy Krumrei, Gr. 7)

In the end, it came down to the final two competitors. And the judges noticed how excited the two girls were. Then, they noticed how much they looked alike! The two twins, Skyler and Kennedy Krumrei, were the last two going against each other.

“ I was so delighted when I won and I’m also thanking the runner up, my sister.” (Kennedy Krumrei, Gr. 7) It was a fun and surprising ending to a very challenging event.