Wheel Is Under Construction


Gabriella Reiss and Kayla Medley

A new addition to our Campus is the Construction Wheel. Some of the student’s favorite parts are,“ sanding,” (Talia Goodman, Gr. 6) “probably having the experience with tools,” (Aidan Nettmann) “I’d say my favorite part about construction is being able to talk with others but also be productive.” (Scarlett Burlingame, Gr. 6 ) 

Right now they are working on a major project  of making bird houses. But first, they are learning to recycle materials. “We can use tools to take apart pallet boards, so we can use those boards to build other things.” (Aidan Nettmann, Gr. 6) 

Mr. Pier believes in the benefits of knowing about construction for many reasons. “There’s a huge shortage of people doing trades in the world today, and this generation and before, kids are struggling. They are playing Tik Tok on their phones and they’re not learning how to do things. Whether you work for a construction company or you own your own house, you’ll be able to use these skills for the rest of your life.”