Kindness is King


Adriana Mirkin and Samantha Croll

The last week of January was a great opportunity to let each other know how much we care.

“Kindness week is a week where you’re nice to everyone and you support each other.” (Courtney Clemons, Gr. 6) The concept actually got started here, in Carlsbad. “It’s a really smart idea because it shows people to be kind.”(Caroline Emmons, Gr. 6) And now, the idea has spread throughout the world. “I really like kindness week because it’s spreading kindness.” (Tillery Light, Gr. 6) “It helps kids realize how to be kind.”(Marley Patten 6th)


Mrs. Wycoff liked the timing, “I think it’s the best activity ever for beginning of the next semester. We all get focused on what really is important.” And Principal Flowers agreed, “I love it!” 


ASB, also made it a fun time with games and activities at brunch. “They are pretty popular and lots of people are joining them.”(Chloe Martel, Gr. 7) Every day, there was a different decade dress-up theme, and ASB rewards for participating. “I think kindness weeks have been really fun being kind to your friends, doing the kindness challenge, making posters, doing the kindness chains, and having fun in general.” (Azaleia Hunter-Brown)