This is a FIRST!


Graye Phillips and Isabella Jayne

Ever since covid, ASB has been trying to host an event. It took a long time to plan one and follow all the guidelines, but they were finally able to pull it off. With all of the covid restrictions, they had to think “outside the box” to plan a safe event, which was held outside.

“A lot of stuff goes into planning this event.”  (Isabella Polosa, Gr. 7)  “We had to get balloons and hang them up.” (Zaeden Van Es, Gr. 7 ) “It probably took around 2 months” (Jack Edward, Gr. 6) “We had to find a ton of tables, which took a ton of effort.” (Zaeden Van Es). The set-up was great, and they also provided food. “It’s bussin guys!” – (Kiara Anderson, Gr. 7)

In addition, they had many enjoyable activities. “Laser tag was super fun!” (Jared Coronel, Gr. 7) “There’s fantastic music in the background.” (Autumn Lewiston, Gr. 7) And, many students felt it was a big success. “I love this party so much! It’s so fun!”(Autumn Lewiston)  “This is really fun and worth the 5 dollars!” (Jared Coronel) Mr. Liebentritt summed it up well, “Everybody getting together and socializing is exactly all the stuff we have been missing the past 2 years.”