It’s All About One Word


Imogen Carter, Reporter

After a year and a half of no sports on campus, the very first team sport has finally been opened up for AOM students. “Cross Country is pretty much a long distance running sport.” (Gr. 6, JP Applebee)  “You can like  run tracks, trails, running.” (Gr. 6, Dean Gross)

Coach insists that for those who enjoy a wide range of sports, this is the best sport for keeping your edge.

“It builds endurance like I said for other sports like water polo, volleyball, swimming, all sorts of sports.  So it’s very translatable.” 

But for others it is the feeling of just being outdoors, and being with friends. “My favorite part is probably just running, getting exercise and just having fun and helping my other peers.” (Gr. 6, Gunnar Englert)   

One word to describe cross country, 

Awesome (Adriana Mirkin)

Fun (Luke Miller)

Adventurous (Connor Knapp)

Acrobatic (Dean Gross)

Fantastic (Gunner Englert)

Friendship (Mya Quesnell) 

Epic (Gavin Femrite) 

Cool (Luke Hill) 

Happiness (Josie Hill)