Camp Is for Everyone in 2021


Graye Phillips, Reporter

In a normal year, 7th graders don’t get to go to camp because they go when they are 6th graders. But, because of COVID, they were not given the opportunity in 6th grade. So, they came with the 6th graders this year. “The 7th graders and the 6th graders coming to camp together, I think that it’s fun.” (Gr. 7, Cassidy Battin) “There is more of an experience too because there is more people.” (Gr. 7, Kiara Anderson) But both grades had many things to enjoy.  “My favorite thing at camp is basically like all the activities.”  (Gr. 7, Zach Smith) “I also really loved candle making.” (Gr. 6, ???) “…things like rock climbing.” (Gr. 6, Chelsea Daniel) “I liked the recess.” (Gr. 7, Abby Vogel) 

At camp, students were interacting with others they’d never talked to before. 

“I got to meet new people.” (Gr. 7, Keala Liu) “Making new friends and getting to know your cabin mates,” was what it was all about for Katie Kinsley (Gr. 6). “I really like the counselor.” (Gr. 7, Autumn Lewiston) Everyone created memories with their new and old friends that will last a lifetime.