It’s More Than Just a Workout

Gabrielle Reiss and Kaylee Hungate

Last year we missed out on a true PE class. So,there is plenty of excitement this year. “I love t-ball, and I love playing tag with other friends, and meeting new people too at the same time.” (Gr. 6,Yessmin Abusharef) “My favorite thing about P.E is all of the fun games we play.” (Gr.6, Jack Spark)

And having a good PE teacher can make all the difference. “My favorite thing about Trager is he’s nice.” (Gr.6, Kian Hinchey) “He lets us play all the fun games instead of doing just boring testing all the time.”(Jack Spark) “Like when we’re interacting with him like,‘Can I play this?’ He’ll be like, ‘Ya!’ ” (Yessmin Abusharef) 

Being active with friends and having fun is what PE is all about.