Lancer Day is Carlsbad


Claire Otten

ASB represents AOM in the parade.

Bradley Weis and Gavin Schock

On Lancer Day, Carlsbad High School hosts a parade for their homecoming. Schools all around the area join the parade every year, including AOMS. The first parade was held in 1959 and has happened every year since then. Thousands of spirited Carlsbad High School supporters cheered on the parade this year and the feeling of community spirit filled the air.

ASB showed our school spirit, by representing our school in the parade. “My favorite part was hanging out with your friends and walking around the whole Carlsbad area.” (Gr. 7, Zaedan Van Es)

They made a mark for our school by being very loud and wearing our school colors with pride. “I just really liked being in it and seeing all the Falcons, and screaming! It was just really fun.” (Gr. 7, Isabella Polosa) The ASB class showed tons of spirit and support for Carlsbad High School and the Lancer Day parade. Everyone cheered as hard as they could and added to the excitement, which helped hype up the parade.