One Month Has Come and Gone!


Ella Andrade, Reporter

The first month of school here at AOMS has been really exciting. “It’s going pretty good.” (Gr.6, Elisa Molina-Cortez) 

But it has also been hard and challenging. “There was so many more people and I didn’t know where I was going.” (Gr.6, Rachel Stein) There were so many feelings from the start.

“I was really nervous about like finding my friends.” (Gr. 6, Makayla Brennan) “It was really confusing just like finding all my classes.” (Gr. 6, Elisa Molina-Cortez) “I was more nervous.”( Gr.6, Rachel Stein) “I was scared I wasn’t gonna get there on time.” (Gr.6, Makayla Brennan)

After going through a month of the new school system, everyone is doing a great job getting to classes and submitting assignments on time, but also building new friendships. “All the teachers are really nice, I have a lot of friends.” (Gr. 6, Nadia Gray) “This is my first year here, and so far it’s been really good.” (Gr.7, Alexa Andalon) “After a while it was pretty easy.” (Gr. 6, Makayla Brennan)  “It’s fun walking between classes and meeting new people.” (Gr. 6, Nadia Gray ) We’ve had an amazing first month and we hope to keep it that way!