It’s All in Your Mind


Students cheering for a growth mindset.

Claire Otten, Reporter

As people in the world go on day by day, something that helps them adapt to new things and make a difference is a Growth Mindset.

People with growth mindsets commit to challenges and are willing to learn from mistakes to better their abilities. “I think a growth mindset is someone who pays attention and ask questions during class” (Peyton Olson – Gr.6) Unlike fixed mindsets, growth mindsets persevere to the best of their abilities.“A growth mindset would see something as a challenge and take it on even if they have a little bit of fear.” (Mrs. Devich)

Mistakes and Curiosity are what enables us to learn, discover new things and take on big challenges to make an impact. “It’s important to have a growth mindset because you’ll tell yourself that you’ll be successful, and that will give you a high chance that you’ll actually become successful because you believe in yourself. “(Gavin Barcik Weissman)