This is ASB


ASB students helping out during registration.

Isabella Jayne, Reporter

Many students new to middle school may not know what ASB does. But our student body officers are working hard for the campus before school even starts. ASB President, Malaya Villalpando is our ASB President, Katharine Emmons is the Vice President, Suhani Singh is Treasurer, and Belen Chavez is secretary.

There are a lot of ways that ASB impacts our communitie all year long. Malaya explains, “We help do fundraisers for us, out of school communities, and other things. We do funds for after school socials and other things to help make middle school fun and organized.”

They were working hard even before school started. “We are basically welcoming 6th graders on campus.” (Suhani Singh) “And we’re also helping show them and their parents, throughout registration, and the different booths and places they need to go.” (Katharine Emmons)

A lot of 6th graders enjoy ASB as a way to get more involved. Amanda Aldover (Gr.6) explains, “I am very excited! I just wanted to try something new, and I don’t talk too much.”