It’s All About Connecting


Claire Otten

Students signing up for clubs on campus during Club Rush.

Claire Otten, Reporter

AOMS clubs are giving students a new way to hang out after school and make friends. “Club Rush is when all the students go at brunch and look at the clubs.” (Gr. 8, Carly Jordan)

The school is offering a wide variety of clubs, including some student made clubs. “My club is a crystal club and in that club, you will be trading crystals and showing your own crystals off.” (Gr. 8, Rocco Devlin) “I am doing american sign language.” (Gr. 7, Elle Robinson)

  These clubs offer bonding and learning opportunities for everyone. Like Skate Club, they have lots of activities to choose from. “Will be watching videos on youtube, and also showing off tricks we can do.” (parent volunteer)

Club Rush was full of energy and excitement with so many great possibilities to find connections throughout the year.