It’s Not Quite What It Used To Be


Graye Phillips

Advisory class doing a restorative circle.

Graye Phillips, Reporter

Over the past few school years, advisory classes have drastically changed since before covid. 

“In 6th grade it was just us doing what we needed to do, like our homework and stuff.” (Gr. 8, Tali Conca)

Then, last year, when we were doing distance learning, we started filling out weekly check-ins so that the counseling department could see how we were doing. “Advisory’s a lot different this year because last year I just had a weekly check in over zoom.” (Gr. 7, Leila Adams)

This year, advisory is really focused on helping us make the transition back to campus. We can be more interactive with the teachers and other students and connect more. It is starting to make a big difference for everyone.