And So It Begins


Students take a first look at their schedules for the year.

Registration brings many different expectations and feelings of excitement. For 6th graders it is, “…the campus.” (Gr. 6 – Richie Villaobos), “It’s big. It’s a little overwhelming, but I really don’t know where all my classes are yet.” (Gr. 6 Malia Elkins ) and the change from elementary. “I’m excited because I’m going to learn a new school.” (Gr. 6 – Cole Martinson) “It just seems like a pretty cool thing to switch from one class all day to having six.” (Gr. 6 – Max Carr)

For 7th graders, it’s the anticipation. “I think it’s going to be fun because now we are going to be able to see the things we couldn’t see when we were online.”  (Gr. 7, Rocco Devlin) And yet, 8th graders just have a feeling of relief. “Finally seeing friends and getting to hang out with them at school.” (Gr. 8, J.P. Gerencher)

  So many mixed emotions come with us, “Nerve-racking!” (Gr. 6, Amanda Aldover), as we head to campus the first time, “It’s really big..I might get lost in it,” (Gr. 6, Trent Connor) to pick up supplies, 

“I feel like I’m being walked through everything,” (Gr. 6, Malia Elkins) and take a first look at our schedules.

“You see a whole different people because you could not get in the same class as your friends.” (Gr. 7, Hadleigh-Rose Haggerty)

At the end of the day, some are still not sure about what’s ahead, “I don’t know yet,” (Gr. 6, Jordy Novell) “I think it’s going to be kind of difficult,” (Gr. 7 – Rocco Devlin) and others are pleasantly surprised. “It’s a little better than I thought.” (Gr. 6, Jordy Novell) “It’s probably going to be fun, and I’m probably going to learn a lot of things.”(Gr. 6, Trent Connor)