It Is Time for the Orient Express!


Colton Gilley

WEB leaders pose for pictures with their Webbies.

Colton Gilley, Producer

Incoming 6th graders came flooding the Aviara Oaks Middle School campus for orientation with many feelings of excitement. “Well, it seems like a bigger campus, more people, different classes.” (Gr.6, Casper Schofield)  “I’m excited for 6th grade and because I think it’s a lot bigger and it’s going to be harder to learn all the classes, and that’s a lot different from elementary school.” (Gr.6, Braylon Kempton)

Not only were the sixth-graders excited, but also the WEB leaders. They sacrificed many of their last summer days to help new 6th graders  adjust to the change.  “The 6th graders look awesome, they are super excited to be here and they sound just hyped. It looks really good!” (Gr.8, Kian Frost) The excitement might have even made some people want dance!

Even though there will be a lot more work ahead for the new sixth graders, it seems like they will have a lot of fun.  And hey, if they need help, the WEB  leaders can help them every step of the way.