WEB is Still Here!

WEB leaders study their scripts for 6th grade Orientation

Alex Reigle, Producer

Web leaders are always there to help out six graders whenever they need it. But you might not know how they became such great leaders. “We are learning teamwork skills.” (Gr. 8, Annika Heieck) “So far I learned how to make kids comfortable while coming to school by doing activities, it’s fun.” (Gr. 8, Jacob Crocker) 

Sadly, we were not able to have web leaders for last year’s 6th graders, due to our current pandemic. To inform this year’s 7th graders Mrs. Hauck-Wood and Mrs. Libertino helped explain what they do. “WEB stands for where everybody belongs, and we recruit 8th graders to be leaders for our incoming 6th graders.” (Mrs. Hauck-Wood) “We are outside with our training instead of inside, but we’re still having a great time. We just have to be careful about wearing mask and social distancing.” (Mrs. Libertino)

Hopefully, they will inspire some 7th graders to stand up and become leaders for next year’s 6th graders.