A New Start

Riley Friend, Reporter

Today is May 20, 2020. We have just passed 2 months of quarantine and to be honest, it’s getting much better. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life before being stuck inside. All the activities I did before are starting to feel very abnormal. Things like going to the grocery store, to a pool, or even sitting inside a car aren’t things I’m used to anymore.

There are many states planning to reopen and that is very exciting and that gives me hope. The fact that states are slowly reopening, makes me feel like progress is being made to having a normal life again. School’s almost out for the school year, and it’s going to be summer soon. I’m hoping that the warmer weather could possibly drop cases.

The main thing I’m hoping doesn’t get canceled is fall semester next year. I’m really excited to go to 7th grade, and I don’t want it to be canceled.

I’m very thankful that technology has allowed me to talk to my friends on FaceTime. Almost every day, for the past month or so, I’ve been talking to friends and keeping in touch with them. It has really helped me stay positive in such tough times.