Where Is the Human Touch?

Alyssa Sanders, Reporter

May 20, 2020 – As this quarantine has gone on, my family has gotten more used to it, and more use to seeing each other every day. At the beginning of quarantine, it felt like time was going by so slow. But now, it feels normal, and days are passing by quicker. One problem that has been occurring lately for me is my free time. I don’t really have much to do anymore because I have done everything that I can think of. So now I’m kind of just like, “What should I do now?” But, every now and then, I will go talk to my neighbors and sometimes we play games together, like Mario brothers in her garage.

I have been missing all of my friends though. I have seen a few of them, but not all. And facetime isn’t really the same as seeing someone in person.  When you do see them, it isn’t like you can go touch them or anything or give them hug. It’s just way harder than expected. I didn’t think that quarantine/coronavirus would have this big of an impact on the world. When I heard of it, in the beginning, I thought it was just gonna last a few weeks maybe a month or two. But it has lasted way longer than I expected and has changed so much of what we are allowed to do.