Day 42

Joaquin Fernandez-Silva, Reporter

Day 42 of quarantine and it’s been an eventful time, but at the same time it hasn’t been. No sports or seeing your friends. I will say binging great Netflix shows is great, but there’s only so many. Also, I can only keep up with my family so long before we drive each other crazy.  I think that’s already happening with the fact I can’t see any of my friends. And today, beaches were supposed to open up again, but that obviously didn’t happen which stinks because the beach was the one place I was hoping I could go to to relax. And then, there are my books that I have are running out because I have re-read all of them at least 5 times. So now I’m looking for new books on amazon, which is hard since I don’t have anything that I’m looking for. So I don’t know where to look, and so I’m not able to read anything. But I have been cooking, working out, and skating. I can now ollie which was a long term goal. And we’ve made churros and cookies also brownies and multiple other things. But all in all, I feel like too few things are happening inside my house and too many are happening in the real world.