The Challenges of Remote Learning

Samuel Daher, Reporter

It is April 28th, 2020, 12:00PM. I, Samuel Daher, am at my house in Carlsbad. Throughout the days of quarantine, It has been hard getting used to our current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the school shutdown. This has made me concerned with my workload. When I started working from home, it was hard to stay focused, and I easily got tired and weary while doing any activity.

On the first days of remote learning, I felt overwhelmed with work and distracted with entertainment. Each day I’m becoming more efficient, quick, and energized while being less distracted.  I have become accustomed to the school workload by persevering and creating a new schedule. With times set when to do activities like homework, which homework I’ll do, and how long to stay doing the activity. Soon, I’ll be excellent at working in a home environment, and soon students we’ll be back to school.