The New Normal?

Dannika Witt, Reporter

Today is Wednesday, April 24th, 2020. I have been stuck inside the house for a month and 16 days and I am going crazy. I miss my friends and school and everything that was taken after we were put on lockdown. If this time has taught me anything, it is that you can not take life for granted.  Yesterday the number of cases in the US hit 1 million. A million people have gotten this disease, but there are still a large number of citizens who aren’t taking quarantine seriously. I am so grateful that the virus has not taken the life of anybody that I know and that none of my parents or sibling has gotten it.  There has been talk about things starting to reopen, but what is going to happen when life starts to go back to normal? Because, I think that things will never be completely normal. If this one virus has taken the lives of so many, how can we know another one like it will not come around and we will have to do this again. Is this life, stuck inside our homes with limited access to people and places going to be the new normal because I sure hope not.