Opening New Doors

Rowan Keane


Paige Maruca, Reporter

Mrs. Moresch has been introducing STEM projects to the 6th grade wheel elective this year. In this new elective experience, students explore various aspects of science and technology including engineering projects and even apps on their phones. They learn how to bring their creations to life with an app called Quiver that is based on STEM. Cole Evans (Gr 6) explains,“We downloaded this app called Quiver. We then used it to animate our drawings.” Students like Thomas Browning (Gr 6) find the app intriguing as it turns their pictures into puzzles and other animated objects. “You can show your phone over the picture, and it animated into some sort of ball. And you can make it into a different things like a bouncing egg, a maze, or a bunch of floating things.” Drawings can even be animated into a volcano that’s erupting! Students are finding this class to be fun, interactive and scientifically pleasing.