Making New Moves


Racquel Crook, Producer

ASB put together the first school party of the year. The theme for this party was “Spooky Season.” Kayla Moul (Gr. 7), the ASB president, had fun setting up the party. “Working is actually like really fun, being part of ASB, letting people in, directing people.” Much preparation is needed from ASB students, including Maddie Walker (Gr. 7), the ASB Vice President. “It is a spooky season theme party, so we spend an hour or two before the actual party to set it up, put all the decorations up, make sure everything is working for everyone that wants to use it and enjoy the party.” Thanks to all of ASB’s hard work, the first party of the year was a success. For AJ Devich, a sixth grader at AOMS, he had mixed emotions about his first school dance. “I’m pretty nervous, but I’m happy to be here. I’m meeting a lot of new people, and it’s pretty fun.” Sofia Vallone (Gr. 6) had a positive experience as well. “It’s pretty good, I’m having fun.” Spencer Rogow (Gr. 6) was full of enthusiasm. “It’s a party! It’s a party!” Overall, ASB worked hard, in order to make sure everyone enjoyed the dance, and many students did.