Finding Their First Pitch


Yalda Shamsaeifar, Producer

Our AOMS Band had their first concert of the year this month. It is called the STOP concert which stands for “Salute To Our Parents.” It was a chance for beginning, intermediate and advanced students to let their parents know how much they appreciate the support they give in order for them to take on the challenge of learning a musical instrument. Rosslyn Farnan (Gr. 8) was impressed by the beginning players. “All the new kids did great in comparison to last year’s sixies!” A.J. Devich (Gr.6 ) was very proud of his first performance. “I didn’t squeak once, which is a surprise, knowing myself. It is my first year in band.” Lillie Smylie (Gr.6) had a few challenges to overcome. “My valve got stuck, like two times!” Ethan Lindsay (Gr.7) was focused on the final outcome. “We did really good, and we got to eat popcorn afterwards!” Both audience members and performers had a wonderful time in the first performance of the season. Mrs. Browne agreed. “They did amazing! Bandos are the best. I’m very, very proud of all their hard work. It paid off!”