Hitting All the Right Notes

Lukas Hadjis, Production Assistant

Last week our music programs had their first concerts of the season and orchestra was ready for the show. Ezra McLaen (Gr. 6) explained,“This is called the stop concert, which means, ‘Solute to Parents.’ ” There was a wide variety of selections to be performed. Vassilios Dresios ( Gr. 7) described his line-up.  “The songs that intermediate orchestra are playing for this concert are ‘Toccatina’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Lady Madonna.’ ” Most band students enjoyed their songs as much as the audience did. “I like all the songs equally because they’re such great songs.” Kiran Musson (Gr. 6) tried to pick a favorite.  “My favorite song out of the five was either ‘Ode to Joy’, or ‘Are You Sleeping.’ ” It was a great start to the concert season for the year.