Just One Little Word


Caleb Fletcher

Jacob Dougherty, Production Manager

At the beginning of October, the counseling department put on a special event called, “Hello Week”, which was put on throughout the nation by the “Sandy Hook Promise.” The first day of the week was sticky note day. All around school, sticky notes with positive messages were put up. Tuesday was the “Start with Hello Assembly” for 6th graders. They learned how to connect and make new friends with several techniques presented by a speaker from “Sandy Hook Promise.” On October 2nd, the 7th and 8th graders were able to make a pledge to kindness. They got access to a very unique photobooth with the names of everyone who made the pledge all over it. Thursday was “High Five Day.” Students were encouraged to give high-fives to people all around the school. On Friday, we had “Favorite Shirt Day.” Students were encouraged to wear their favorite shirt and strike up a conversation with someone they never met before.