Sign on the Line

Kiera Irving


Kiera Irving, Assistant Producer

In September, down in the quad, our amazing ASB hosted Club Rush. Brighton Wiens (Gr.7) explains. “Club Rush is where all the people that want to start a club, down at the quad, there’s a poster, and you can sign up for the clubs.” Before this event happened, club leaders created their clubs. But, club rush is a good way to tell everyone about the clubs on campus, as Iris Profancik (Gr.7) explains.  “I am doing it to get more members. and so that people can be aware of our club. I decided to do this club to bring awareness to our school about human trafficking.” Brighton explains that there are many options for clubs that AOMS students can join. “Some of them is art around the world, animate, skateboarding club, students against slavery, all sorts of different things.” Brighton sees beyond the fact that it’s a fun activity but that there are many great benefits to be in a club. “It’s a great chance for everybody to be creative and to meet new people.” Club rush was not only an exciting event for the club leaders, but also many AOMS students. At the end of the day, it was a great way for students to get together and share their interests.