Making a Statement, or Not?

Sanead Estrada


Sanead Estrada, Reporter

University Tuesday is the spirit day of the week when students get to wear their favorite college wear. Wearing university spirit wear motivates students about working hard to get into college. This day encourages all students are to wear their college spirit wear and spread the word about getting to college. Ms. Hall is a big advocate for this spirit day. “University Tuesday is a district-wide spirit day that brings more awareness to the fact that we’re here so that we can accomplish great grades… and have great experiences that will help us get into college.”  Some students, like Jude McLellan (Gr. 8), don’t really understand the purpose for the weekly spirit day. “I don’t think University Tuesdays are important, I just put this on ‘cause I saw it!” But this day can actually motivate many students to work towards college.