Connecting the Dots

Dannika Witt


Students work to create their invention concept in 8th grade science class.

Dannika Witt, Producer

On October 10th, the 8th graders all met in the gym to show off the inventions that they had created. Clara Devlin (Gr. 8) explains, “In science, we’re working on an innovation project where we design our own machine that will help worldwide problems.” This project was assigned in both their English and science class where they created an invention, then designed an infographic, and some, even made an advertisement. Kayla O’Neal (Gr. 8) had an ingenious concept for helping the environment.“My project is a little robot that kinda looks like a Rumba vacuum, and it goes over the ground, and if the soil is bad, it will insert nutrients.”  All groups had their own very unique ideas that they were able to bring to life. Many, like CarlyRae Jones (Gr. 8), learned valuable lessons in the process. “It kind of gives us an insight on current issues, and what we can do to solve them.” Making our world a better place is a topic that is discussed often in school and this was a fun way to see what it would be like to actually make it happen.