Making Tracks


Campers getting ready for a week of adventure.

Dannika Witt, Producer

Just after the school year got underway, our sixth graders had the opportunity to go to Camp Marston for a week. While at camp, they got to rock climb, make candles, learn about nature, canoe, try their hand at archery, and lots of other fun activities. For  Andi Felix (Gr. 6), it was the activities. “I liked canoeing and making little fort things.” Students like Brodi Good (Gr. 6), made lots of connections and memories that will last them a lifetime. “It was good because I canoed with my new friends.” Being away from home for five days can be hard on the sixth graders, but luckily they had people to help them get through it, as Siena Lesueur (Gr. 6) explains. “All of the counselors were really nice.” Our students had a good time and learned a ton.