Give Them A Hand!

Juliana Proctor


Tali Conca

WEB leaders prepare to give a big "welcome Back" to the 6th grader campers.

Rio Fuentes, Reporter

When the 6th graders came back from camp, we had the WEB leaders welcoming them back. WEB leaders enjoy what they do, and like to help kids transition into middle school. Sophia Wang(Gr. 8), explains,”So WEB stands for,’Where Everybody Belongs’ and it mostly helps 6th graders since they turned from elementary school to middle school.” WEB leaders, like Selina Lee (Gr. 8), have many different roles to play in a 6th graders year, here at AOMS. “We’ll be doing activities with 6th graders and going to their classrooms and helping them when they need it.” Suchir Sambavaram (Gr. 8). like many WEB leaders, like the influence they have here at AOMS.  “My favorite benefit for WEB is helping people around campus, so they know what to do.”