First Impressions


Students walking on to campus for the first day of school.

Austin Jew, Assistant Producer

Many students had different opinions about school after their first week. For Ethan Atkins (Gr. 7) , it was great. ”If I could describe school in on word, it would be awesome!” On the other hand, for Jade Haggerty (Gr. 7), it was, ”exhausting.” And Sarah Brownlee (Gr. 7) also thought it was ”stressful.” But then again, Riley Segal (Gr. 7) described it as ”cool!” Although some students identified one, very clear, emotion, others, like Allison Suchodolski (Gr. 8), had mixed feelings.  “I was more excited this year for school because I wanted to meet new people and see my friends again. I was also stressed because I knew that hard work was coming, but my favorite thing about school was meeting my friends and seeing my new classes and how they are gonna be.” Although there was a wide range of emotions to start out the year, this is only the beginning of a full school year ahead.